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3 way Toshiba HORAI Air Conditioning system installed in Cambridge.

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The new fabric-fronted Toshiba Haori unit blends into the decor nicely.

Toshiba HAORI brings stunning aesthetics, first-class efficiency, silent output, and leading air quality with IAQ and Ag + Plasma Purifier air filtration to residential air conditioning systems. This innovative AC unit features a highly attractive textile cover that is not only available in a range of standard and optional colours, but offers infinite customisation possibilities.


HAORI is featuring a stylish textile fabric cover

Fabrics with infinite possibilities, let your style be your guideEasy to dress, just peel and stick


A+++ in cooling and heating modes

Ultra quiet system less than 19 dB(A)

Outdoor unit silent operation down to 39 dB(A)


Toshiba Ultra Pure Filter captures up to 94% of PM 2.5

Toshiba Plasma Ionizer catches and neutralizes the contaminated particles

Toshiba Magic Coil always as clean as new


A luxury, stylish black and brushed texture façade remote control mounted on a magnetic holder

Power select and ECO modes to reduce energy bills, Hi-power for rapid cooling or heating

Factory-integrated Wi-Fi to control your air conditioner via the Toshiba Home AC Control app

Newly introduced features include energy monitoring and full voice control thanks to compatibility with Google Home assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers

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May 27

Toshiba HAORI combines great design, high efficiency, quiet operation, and excellent air quality with IAQ and Ag+ Plasma Purifier filtration. This AC unit has a customizable textile cover available in many colors for endless personalization. HVAC Contractors can help install this stylish and efficient system in your home.

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