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Covering All Types of Commercial Electrical Work

Working with a number of commercial clients throughout Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial electrical services. Regardless of the size of your business, we are able to provide all the information needed to decide on the electrical solution that suits your requirements.

Our electricians are fully certified and experienced in carrying out all aspects of commercial electrical work from office and warehouse lighting to emergency lighting and repairs. We always aim to work around you and your business with minimal disruption.


Our commercial electrical services includes:

Office lighting

Different commercial environments have different lighting requirements. It could be that you need 'low brightness' for using computers, or that you need extra-low voltage display case lighting.
Whatever your needs, our team have the relevant training and experience to advise and carry out work as you need it.

Our service can be part of an office refurbishment or simply to add additional lighting to your office. We can also install the required fire alarm lighting to your premises.

Warehouse lighting
The importance of a well-lit environment is essential to the operation of any warehouse. We can advise on the most suitable lighting solutions for your business. We can also offer detailed designs before installation work begins, delivering the dual benefits of:

- Improved energy efficiency
- Lower energy expenses

With our warehouse lighting solutions, your warehouse will be well-lit to minimise the risk of accidents occurring during operations. Employees will be able to carry out their duties effectively, and your energy bills will be kept as low as possible.

High bay LED lighting
Industrial and commercial buildings require minimum standards of light distribution and brightness. This ensures staff on the floor can carry out their duties safely and effectively. With our quality high bay LED lights, these more than exceeds the minimum standards.

A well planned and executed lighting system can boost the productivity of those working in that environment, not to mention the significant energy savings of LED lighting. There is also less maintenance required with LED lighting, saving even more money in the long term.

Emergency lighting installation and maintenance
We offer everything from bulb replacements to full design specifications and installation. Emergency lighting is an essential component of health and safety provision in any building, offering secondary lighting when the primary lighting fails to ensure the building's occupants can leave safely.

We can help with the planning, installation and testing of emergency lighting, in line with current regulations. We will ensure all your emergency lighting is fully compliant and offer long-term maintenance.

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Whatever your commercial electrical needs are, our experienced team will be able to provide the support you need and get you moving in the right direction. Get in contact today to find out more.

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