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Solar PV Installations

With today's soaring energy prices, installing solar panels is a great way for homeowners to save money. And the cost of installing solar panels is now cheaper than it used to be - with advanced technologies, they are more reliable and last longer.

Solar panels now don’t actually require direct sunlight – they can still generate some electricity on a cloudy day.

The benefits of Installing solar panels to generate electricity

As electricity generated by solar is ‘green’, no gas like carbon dioxide or other harmful pollutants is being released into the atmosphere.

Installing solar panels in your home has numerous benefits including:
•    Reducing your energy bills - possibly saving you £200+ a month
•    Now Zero VAT - also applies to A/C heating systems
•    Providing clean, renewable energy
•    Aids the running of a super-efficient air conditioning system
•    Battery storage facility
•    Fully optimised system with remote monitoring for each solar panel.
•    Remote monitoring to see how much green energy is produced.
•    Car charging from green energy  
•    Low maintenance
•    Could increase the value of your home

Should your system produce more electricity used or you are unable to use it, you can sell it back to the grid generating extra revenue!

Solar Panel Maintenance

Minimal maintenance is needed for your solar panels  – they just need to be relatively clean and not overshadowed by trees for optimal performance.

Battery Storage from Solar Energy

Specialist battery’s can be added to your solar panels system for energy storage.  Excess energy stored in the battery can be used at higher demanding times or when the solar panels are not generating enough energy to use immediately.

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