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​Domestic Air Conditioning Installations
With Now 0% Vat!

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We are accredited

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Cambridge Air Conditioning specialise in creating the perfect living, sleeping, and now due to current situations, working environments.

365 super efficiency.
The units we install can provide heating and cooling for an all-year-round climate-controlled environment. Climate control features allowing you to sleep with the window closed eliminating any noise or allergens such as hay-fever, just shut out the world, and be at peace for a great night's sleep. 

The sound of silence. 
Along with experience and listening to what our customers have said we have hand-selected air conditioning units that are almost silent when operational.

Enhanced air quality
All our installed air conditioning units purify the air this makes them great for anyone trying to improve the air quality throughout their home. 

Maximise your comfort.
All the air conditioning systems we install are compatible with mobile devices such as mobile phones tablets and can be controlled by Google/Alexa smart home applications.
This makes them really easy to use and they can be controlled remotely.


Cambridge Air Conditioning is an approved infinity partner with Fujitsu allowing us to offer a 5-year warranty. We are also a T7 partner with Toshiba allowing us to offer a 7-year warranty

Running cost? 
Super-efficient heating and cooling solutions.
Did you know that an air conditioning system installed in your home is able to produce 3 kilowatts of heat for every kilowatt of electricity than it uses, and when the air conditioning system is set in cooling mode it becomes even more efficient, so cooling and heating your home is also eco-friendly and has a massive impact on your utility bills 

Please check out our installation pics and reviews to get a sense of the quality we offer please see what our customers say about us. 

Find out more about A2A (air to air) heat pump systems for the energy-efficient way to heating and cooling your home.


Toshiba Haori Design Airconditioner

a fresh take on design and performance

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Looking for Accredited Air Conditioning Installers in Cambridge? Call us today on: 07583 611 299​ or simply fill in the contact form and send us a message.

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